Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years!

in less than 2 hours (my time at least), it will be a new year. Anyone celebrating new years doing anything special? Very mellow here. I stay at home and spend time with the family. We watch movies and watch the other new years celebrations, we have a shrimp ring, vegetable tray, kiddie cocktails and pizza puffs. What does your new years celebration consist of?

Does anyone still make resolutions? I have and I still plan to. This past year I didn't do too well on my resolutions but this year I plan on trying a little bit harder. I plan on eating better, doing more artsy crafty things, posting on my blog more often and so much more. Are you going to be doing any resolutions and what are they?

Well. . . Happy New Years Everyone! Stay safe and remember not to drink and drive.


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