Monday, December 20, 2010

Bitten By Books Contest ending 12/20 This book looks very awesome. I love the cover. The contest is to enter for a $100 Amazon Gift Card. I tried to add the cover but couldn't seem to get it to add. So here's the link. Good luck everyone!


Friday, December 10, 2010

Bitten By Books Contest ending 12/13

One contest to win a book and a Cinderella slipper ornament

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

S. L Wright contest on Bitten by Books

I'm inviting everyone to try and win a Kindle 3G by heading over to this website: I can't seem to figure out how to post the picture that they show but I'm entering it and trying to inform everyone so that they can try to win it. Here's the shortcut that I copied from the cover.

Good Luck everyone and happy holidays!


Friday, December 3, 2010

Realization and questions

The night before last I came to a realization. To share this realization I'm going to have to talk a little bit more about my past.

So I graduated with my Bachelors degree in May and since then I've gained all my weight back. I seem to have completely thrown out all of my hard work. I don't exercise, I am not eating right and I've actually gotten to the point of not even eating meals. I'm eating chocolate and candy all the time.

And just out of the blue I came to the realization that I'm not respecting my body and that in turn has brought me to realize that in not respecting my body I have no respect for myself. Me and my body. We are one and I'm totally abusing my body by not exercising or eating healthy.

I then tortured my coworker (Sorry Adam!) with talking to him about it. Mind you, I am a female, I started out on one subject and then jumped around. And I was talking to a male. . I guess it wasn't such a good idea but Adam was awesome and listened. And provided support. For that I thank you Adam.

From our conversation and my realization, I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to start respecting my body and myself again. I'm going to work through a lot and I'm going to hopefully post on here instead of torturing my coworkers.

The only real question that I've been asking myself is, where do I start? Should I start with my body or with myself?

Today I started with my body. I've had oatmeal for breakfast and an orange for a snack. I am now going to have lunch which will consist of a salad with leftover turkey. I'm going to take small steps and hopefully work my way through this.

Thanks for reading/listening to this. I'm planning on posting more on here and hope to have more support from friends.