Saturday, December 28, 2013


Okay everyone. . 2013 was a bust for my blogging and anything else I was trying to do. . Now lets try for 2014.

Today I signed up to join 1 challenge called "30 paintings in 30 days January 2014". You can find out more information about this challenge by clicking the link. I did ask and was told that it didn't all have to be paintings but I do know that the first 7 or so will be some painted ornaments that I'm behind on. The other 23 will be up in the air for me. I might do paintings or some other type of artwork. This should help me get back into the groove of posting on my blog and of doing more art.

I'm also going to try and lose weight again. I am the heaviest that I have ever been and am really unhappy with it. One of my friends has lost 40 pounds since August. What she has been doing is cutting out the processed foods, milk and breads. I think that I might try taking a step in that direction. When 2014 starts I'm going to cut back on the processed foods, eating out, breads and milk. One that will be easy will be the milk and regular bread as I don't drink milk or eat bread so much at the moment anyways. The hard part might be the processed foods, eating out and other bread options. I love rice and finding unprocessed food might be difficult but it will get me trying new recipes.