Thursday, May 9, 2013

Children's book review- Ways to Live Forever by Sally Nicholls

-This is in a format that I'm using for work. I'm going to try and start doing this for every book I read-

Nicholls, Sally Ways to Live Forever Realistic Fiction
I.L.: 3-7 R.L.: 5th Lexile: 580 212 p. 2008

Sam is an eleven year old boy who is in the final stages of leukemia. With the idea from his teacher and the help of his best friend Felix (and Google), he writes a book. Sam’s book includes facts, lists, adventures and the day to day stuff. Will he break a world record? How will he see a ghost? Will he find out all the answers to the questions that nobody answers? How much does the human soul weigh? What kind of teenage stuff will he do?

The chapters are short, simple and written in a journal format. The drawings range from torn out journal pages to postcards to family portraits. It was a sad topic put into the perspective of an eleven year old boy. This book is sad but with a fun and informative twist to it.

If you liked this book you might also like Each Little Bird that Sings by Deborah Wiles and Ten Good and Bad Things about my Life (so far) by Ann Martin.