Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Adult book review- Bodyguards in bed

Bodyguards in Bed by Lucy Monroe, Jamie Denton, Elisabeth Naughton

This book is an adult romance anthology.

The 1st story is called "Who's Been Sleeping in My Brother's Bed" by Lucy Monroe. The main characters includes a very young and smart PH.D . student and huge superhero fan Danusia Chernichenko and Atrati agent Maxwell Baker. After having her apartment broken into, Danusia goes to spend time at her brothers apartment only to find out that Max is also staying there while her brother is away. Danusia is working on her doctoral thesis about the use of nanotechnology in pharmaceuticals while Max is waiting for his condo to be ready. They soon give into their attraction and then Danusia finds out that her apartment has been broken into (again) and trashed. She begins to think that one of the companies (Luminescent Pharmaceuticals) might be involved with the break ins as their research doesn't seem to be adding up to what it should be.

The 2nd story is called "Hot Mess" by Jamie Denton. The main characters include Alyssa Cardellini and FBI Special Agent Noah Temple. Alyssa Cardellini works for Primo Security Services (just one of her many jobs over the years) and messed up the date for Charles Rolston, a former accountant for Bastian Pharmaceuticals, to come in by flight to be a federal prosecutor's star witness. Not knowing what he looks like she instead picks up Noah Temple. Noah is an FBI agent with an assignment to 'follow Rolston and make sure the guy testified at trial, them bring him in for questioning' but he lost Rolston somewhere in Kansas City. After landing and finding Alyssa with a sign that has Rolston's name on it, Noah decides to talk with her and plans on telling her that he isn't Roland but that's before he notices the 2 big men also looking for Roland. They give them the slip, give into their attraction to each other, and are being chased by the 2 men. Who are the men and will Noah ever tell Alyssa the truth?

The 3rd story is called "Acapulco Heat" by Elisabeth Naughton. Main characters include bodyguard Finn Tierney and supermodel Lauren Kauffman. Finn is in charge of guarding Lauren and they both find it hard to fight their attraction. After Finn makes it clear that he wont do anything with her, Lauren takes Javier Santiago (a male supermodel she's been modeling with all week) up on an offer to go out. Things heat up between Finn and Lauren while at the club but the night ends with some shooting, the death of Javier, hot wiring a car, and them being on the run from men dressed up like cops. Who are the guys dressed up like cops? What do they want with Lauren?

This book was very good. All of the stories have action, attraction, love and conflict. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes there romance with some action. I, personally, thought that Elisabeth Naughton shined with the most action and the closest to the title of the story. I would give this book a 4 out of 5.

Adult book review- One Night Scandal

One Night Scandal by Christie Kelley

This is an historical (1818) adult romance book.

The main characters are illegitimate matchmaker Sophie Reynard and Marquess of Ancroft Nicholas Tenbury. Sophie has matched all of her friends to there loves but is now wondering if she will ever find her match. While on vacation, in Venice, a man saves her from drowning when she fell into the canal. After a night of passion she find out that he isn't an Italian like she first assumed but an Englishman who doesn't only live in London (like her) but also turns out to be her best friend's cousin and in love with another woman!

Nicholas wakes up from a night of passion to find the woman missing but a earring left in the bed. After returning home he soon finds out who the mystery woman was. After another romantic encounter, he's convinced that he wants to have a relationship with Sophie but finds his hands full with trying to convince her. Sophie thinks he isn't her match because of their statuses. How could he be her match when she's nothing in the eyes of society? Throw in Nicholas' no good conniving seriously ill father who wants Nicholas to marry someone with a good line before he dies or Nicholas wont be in his will, some friends who think that they make a good match, the fact that Sophie can't tell her own or Nicholas' match, a surprise, a mystery and determined Nicholas, and you have a great story.

I really enjoyed reading this book. The writing was a little different and Sophie's stubbornness in how she isn't right for Nicholas is a little tiresome as it seems to come back to that over and over again. But overall it was a great story and I would recommend it to people who are into the one night stand type stories and/or historical romances. The steamy parts were very well written. Over all I'd give it a 4 out of 5 .

Adult book review- Changeling Moon

Changeling Moon by Dani Harper

A paranormal romance werewolf book.

Main characters are veterinarian Changeling wolf Connor Macleod and human psychic editor Zoey Tyler. This story starts off with a a short prologue of a view from a Changeling wolf perspective of the wolf wanting out of the human body. Next we meet Zoey as she recently moved to Dunvegan for an editor job and gets attacked by a wolf while trying to get into her car in the freezing cold weather. She is saved from death by Dr. Connor Macleod who has far sight abilities and was on his way home from a birthing of a calf. Turns out that she was attacked by a rogue Changeling werewolf that happens to be a part of his pack. To stop her from becoming a Changeling wolf and to stop the rogue from changing again, he injects them both with silver. Meanwhile Zoey tries to convince herself she wasn't attacked by a wolf since people think that it's a little crazy and having to deal with little changes that she seems to be experiencing. Throw in Tad Helfren (Paranormal Investigations) who's looking into werewolves and believes she was attacked by one, werewolf stories through the history of the town, deaths, the silver that doesn't seem to be doing it's job, Connor who seems to be really interested in spending time with her, werwolves, and Zoey has a very busy time in her new town.

This book was really good. I'd probably give it a 4.5 out of 5 rating. You had action, romance, werewolves and much more. It's a book that will keep you turning the pages to find what happens to Zoey but you know the bad guy from the beginning which is different and made this story better then I expected.

Adult book review- Embrace the Night

Embrace the Night by Crystal Jordan

This is an adult paranormal romance book. It is a VERY HOT book. Enter into a world full of Magickals (elves, Fae, vampires, werewolves, warlocks).

The two main characters are Chloe Standish, a witch biochemist, and Merek Kingston, a warlock detective who has a precognition ability. Chloe is part of a 3 person team of scientists working on a control for werewolf changes. One of the scientists, Chloe's vampire ex boyfriend, and his fiancee end up murdered. The other scientist Ivan Nemov, Chloe's best friend's werewolf husband, is missing. Chloe is brought in for questioning before being put under Merek's protective custody. Throw in Chloe's godson (Ivan Nemov's werewolf son) and Chloe's Siamese cat familiar Ophelia, and Merek has his hands full on trying to keep them all safe and one step ahead of whoever is after Chloe and the research that the 3 scientists posses especially when he can't 'read' Chloe (so he doesn't know her future or how this will all end).

Overall this book was awesome. I'd actually give it a 5 out of 5 review. It was full of a lot of hot sex, action and twists and turns. Once you start reading this book it will hook you and not let you go until you reach the end and find out who the bad guy is. It's a refreshing story, one that I was surprised with since I don't read witch stories too often.

Adult book review- Feel the heat

Feel the Heat by Lori O'Clare, P.J. Mellor, Lydia Parks

This is an adult romance book. This book is an anthology that contains 3 stories that all have firefighters, love, romance and some mention of high school in them.

The 1st story is called "Fight fire with fire" by Lorie O'Clare. The main characters include Mary Hamilton, a police phone operator, and Nate Armstrong, a firefighter. This story was unique. It starts out with a high school friend and fellow firefighter John dying and Nate feeling like it should have been him instead. Nate and Mary grow closer together as they try to work their way through this tough time. Throw in some fires, a high school crush, an arsonist and other high school ties and you have a really good story.

The 2nd story is called "Heat Wave" by P.J. Mellor. The main characters include Summer Wadsworth and firefighter Thorne Paxton. This story was funny. Whatever could go wrong, goes wrong. Even a few things that you wouldn't think could go wrong, does. It starts off with Summer catching on fire from some explosion outside and Thorne being the one finding her unconscious. Throw in Summers beagle dogs Lola, Thorne's not really motel home, 3 old lady triplets, and a ton more and you've got a story that will have you cringing and laughing at the same time.

The 3rd story is called "Smoldering Lust" by Lydia Parks. The main characters include Hannah Hayward, the city manager, and Lee Evans, the new fire chief. This story was an enjoyment to read. It starts off with a flashback to a high school party where Hannah is abandoned by her ride as he takes off with another girl and getting a ride home from Lee along with a kiss. Then it goes to present day where Lee has come back to become the new fire chief and going to Hannah to ask for money to help get the fire house in shape. Throw in some hot scenes, Sterling Mason (the rich, spoiled, everything goes my way, don't listen to others man who abandons Hannah at the party and thinks that they are an item in the present time), a proposal, budget and fire house matters and you have a really great story.

Overall, this book was good. I'd probably go with a 3.5 out of 5 star review. If you like to read firefighter, high school past references/memories, love, or romance stories, you'd enjoy this book.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Here's a list of projects I'm working on.

1. a large store bought latch hook. Haven't worked on it for a while but the only days that I do work on it would be on nights that I spend at my grandma's (Fridays and some other days when I've got to work in the mornings)

2. book reviews. Will post them on here and on goodreads shortly.

3. postcards- quilted and hand done ones to send to friends for fun.

4. scrapbook pages

5. cleaning up house/room

6. Christmas cards. I have many ideas and will be hopefully posting them on here when I'm done with a couple of designs.

7. starburst wrapper things. I found some today so I started to fold them and then searched on google to see what could be made out of them (so tired of making chains). Found that someone made a prom dress out of them and it took them 6 years. All I could think was WOW.

This is all that's going on at this moment. When more things pop up I will share them. When I'm done with one on the list I will take them off or just make a post on my updates and update the list as I go.

Anyone else have projects going on and what are they?