Saturday, August 20, 2011

This week

I did 2 rows on my latch hook last night and 2 rows this morning for a total of 4 rows this week. The last row even has of one of the greens. I'm happy. I'm over 1/4 done with it. Still have a lot to do but the picture is showing my progress and I'm planning on either posting a picture a week starting this week or once a month. Hopefully this will encourage me to continue working on it each week.

In other news, I took a bunch of pictures of books in my room and posted the pictures on my facebook page where I am hoping that people will want to buy them. All of the money (which is donations or whatever anyone wants to purchase them for) that I collect from that will be going toward schooling. We'll see how that goes. So far I've got 2 people buying books, not many others.

I've joined a group called Romance Biggest Winners where I am trying to lose weight. I was hoping to be a little bit lighter than this by now but I am working on it. I've lost around 8 pounds and have been stuck on that and it's getting closer to the 2 month mark. Yesterday I started recording my food in a journal and then posting them on sparkpeople. I stayed in everything but went a little over my recommended fat for the day. I'll work on that and I'm going to have to start exercising some more/again. I think my problem is the exercising, stress/emotional eating and not keeping track of what I'm eating. I will get this down and plan on doing better. I'm starting a journal to keep track of my feelings and what I eat and I'm planning on starting a new exercise program this week.

How is everyone else's week going?

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  1. Amazing job on the weight loss. I've been gaining weight lately, too many cute boys wanting me to bake cookies!