Monday, August 8, 2011

Adult book review- The Hot Spot

The Hot Spot by Niobia Bryant

This is a contemporary romance. This is a 'cougar' romance. This is also book 4 in the Strong Family series.

The main characters include bartender Zaria Ali and cowboy Kaleb Strong. Zaria's husband has divorced her for a younger woman. After a little bit, Zaria loses some weight and begins working as a bartender and decides to live life to the fullest. Zaria and Kaleb meet on a night that Zaria is working and they begin a sex relationship. They both feel like they are 'scratching each others itches' (so to speak) as Kaleb is looking for a woman to settle down with and Zaria isn't looking to settle down. Throw in a couple of surprises, omissions, family, ex-husband, obsticles (external, internal and emotional) to over come, and this becomes a good book with good twists.

This was a good book. I'd probably give it a 3 stars. I felt that the author felt that she had to remind us that the main characters were African American (especially Zaria) by all of the sudden adding attitudes/comments that didn't seem to fit the characters that she built. Another thing that I couldn't seem to get over, and this isn't anything against the author, but their were parts that the editing wasn't too good. The ending also seemed a little too rushed or packed with too much. Over looking those things, this was a good book with a 'perfect/happily ever after' ending. The sex scenes were very hot tho. Even tho this is book four, I read it without reading the others in the series and would say that others can too. I would recommend it to people who like to read 'cougar' type books and like happily ever after stories and hot sex scenes.

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