Saturday, June 4, 2011


Here's a list of projects I'm working on.

1. a large store bought latch hook. Haven't worked on it for a while but the only days that I do work on it would be on nights that I spend at my grandma's (Fridays and some other days when I've got to work in the mornings)

2. book reviews. Will post them on here and on goodreads shortly.

3. postcards- quilted and hand done ones to send to friends for fun.

4. scrapbook pages

5. cleaning up house/room

6. Christmas cards. I have many ideas and will be hopefully posting them on here when I'm done with a couple of designs.

7. starburst wrapper things. I found some today so I started to fold them and then searched on google to see what could be made out of them (so tired of making chains). Found that someone made a prom dress out of them and it took them 6 years. All I could think was WOW.

This is all that's going on at this moment. When more things pop up I will share them. When I'm done with one on the list I will take them off or just make a post on my updates and update the list as I go.

Anyone else have projects going on and what are they?


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