Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Adult book review- Bodyguards in bed

Bodyguards in Bed by Lucy Monroe, Jamie Denton, Elisabeth Naughton

This book is an adult romance anthology.

The 1st story is called "Who's Been Sleeping in My Brother's Bed" by Lucy Monroe. The main characters includes a very young and smart PH.D . student and huge superhero fan Danusia Chernichenko and Atrati agent Maxwell Baker. After having her apartment broken into, Danusia goes to spend time at her brothers apartment only to find out that Max is also staying there while her brother is away. Danusia is working on her doctoral thesis about the use of nanotechnology in pharmaceuticals while Max is waiting for his condo to be ready. They soon give into their attraction and then Danusia finds out that her apartment has been broken into (again) and trashed. She begins to think that one of the companies (Luminescent Pharmaceuticals) might be involved with the break ins as their research doesn't seem to be adding up to what it should be.

The 2nd story is called "Hot Mess" by Jamie Denton. The main characters include Alyssa Cardellini and FBI Special Agent Noah Temple. Alyssa Cardellini works for Primo Security Services (just one of her many jobs over the years) and messed up the date for Charles Rolston, a former accountant for Bastian Pharmaceuticals, to come in by flight to be a federal prosecutor's star witness. Not knowing what he looks like she instead picks up Noah Temple. Noah is an FBI agent with an assignment to 'follow Rolston and make sure the guy testified at trial, them bring him in for questioning' but he lost Rolston somewhere in Kansas City. After landing and finding Alyssa with a sign that has Rolston's name on it, Noah decides to talk with her and plans on telling her that he isn't Roland but that's before he notices the 2 big men also looking for Roland. They give them the slip, give into their attraction to each other, and are being chased by the 2 men. Who are the men and will Noah ever tell Alyssa the truth?

The 3rd story is called "Acapulco Heat" by Elisabeth Naughton. Main characters include bodyguard Finn Tierney and supermodel Lauren Kauffman. Finn is in charge of guarding Lauren and they both find it hard to fight their attraction. After Finn makes it clear that he wont do anything with her, Lauren takes Javier Santiago (a male supermodel she's been modeling with all week) up on an offer to go out. Things heat up between Finn and Lauren while at the club but the night ends with some shooting, the death of Javier, hot wiring a car, and them being on the run from men dressed up like cops. Who are the guys dressed up like cops? What do they want with Lauren?

This book was very good. All of the stories have action, attraction, love and conflict. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes there romance with some action. I, personally, thought that Elisabeth Naughton shined with the most action and the closest to the title of the story. I would give this book a 4 out of 5.

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