Saturday, January 29, 2011

My stepdad is an alcoholic/drinker

I don't like to say that I hate anything but I really hate drinkers/alcoholics. It has to do with past experiences.

My dad was an alcoholic but he drank at home and was a little physical.

My stepdad still is an alcoholic and drinks in bars.

I don't think that I'd mind it much except for the fact that he goes to the bar 4 days of the week because he's on pool teams. Since he's on these pool teams, he goes to bars to play and since he's in a bar he's got to drink. More likely then not, he will stay out until after midnight on pool nights.

It has come down to me having to drive my mother out there so that she can drive him back home.

What really gets to me is the inconsideration that he has for my mother. She tries to get him to come home and he wants to stay out longer. Then when they get home she has to fix him something to eat, put it on a tray and bring it up to him in their bed. Then she has to take a shower and bring the tray back downstairs when he's done. This takes maybe an hour and then she is hopefully able to go to bed (where she has to deal with my stepdad on the computer, lights on, and the TV cranked up so load that you can hear it downstairs) so that she can get up around 5:30 in the morning and go to work.

Another thing that gets me is the fact that he can't remember half of the stuff that he does. He also gets people angry with him and he in turn gets angry at people. And he keeps drinking. . . .

I also had an incident when he was drunk that made me uncomfortable (me in a long skirt, driving him home, his hand being where it shouldn't be. . ).

Tonight he got drunk again but mom was away with grandma and I had to go get him with my 15 year old brother. He wanted to stay and play pool and was starting stuff with some Spanish speaking people. We ended up going to 2 different places to eat because he didn't like the food at the one place. and again, the next morning he can't remember what happened.

I don't like what alcohol does to people and I plan to stay away from it. I might also have to say that the man of my dreams will have to not be a drinker/alcoholic, not a smoker and has to love cats and dogs.

What do you think of alcoholics/drinkers? What does your man of your dreams have to not do or do?


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