Friday, November 5, 2010


Okay. So I decided to enter in a contest to try and win a Kindle. I didn't find out about it until it was almost too late but when I saw that picture I couldn't pass it up.

The details: Kristie Cook gave us the one picture and then we had to do something to it. The color picture is the one given. The drawing with the color picture in the picture was my first attempt and after asking my friends their input, the very first and second drawing is my FINAL product (I couldn't really figure out how to turn it). It would have been fun to do something on photoshop too but I don't have that program.

The first saying that popped into my head and I loved, was 'WANTED: A MAN TO CALL MY OWN' and the last saying that I decided it probably went with the book better, was 'WANTED! Name: Tristan Knight Last Seen: in Promise by Kristie Cook', with a cowboy drawing. When I saw the picture, a cowboy was the first thing that popped into my head (I've heard of them called a devil).

This was fun and I will have to get back into drawing hands and faces (which I stink at!). I hope that other authors or even Kristie Cook does this sort of contest again because it was fun to see peoples interpretations.

What do you guys think? Still terrible?


  1. These are great! Lacking any of my own, I admire any artistic ability. And you have some talent! Thank you for playing!

  2. great drawing and good luck in the contest.

  3. *blush* Thanks Kristie.

    Good luck to you too Michelle. I enjoyed looking at your covers.

  4. Nice entry! I noticed all of the guys flaws as I started to draw him. Maybe I was staring too long at every inch of him? *sigh*

  5. Lol. I keep thinking to myself, nobody's perfect and my drawing is far from perfect. But I'm happy with it. Yours was awesome! I was so thinking that you were going to win. Maybe she will try it again so that someone will get a kindle. I think I might start another blog with just my artwork. . . or not.