Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Idea that I don't know what to do to get started

Ok, so anybody who knows me know that I love to read. I'm really big into reading romances and lets just say that, cough, some of my books that I read I've had to go out and buy because they are a little, cough, too much for some people. Don't get me wrong, some libraries do own some of the books that are like this but I do notice that our library doesn't.

The books that I do own I wouldn't mind sharing with patrons from my library or people in the library system but I still want to own them. So if I run across someone who reads the same type of books that I do (and believe me that's a little hard to find when I work in the childrens department), I do sometimes make some comments and exchange email addresses with a few (only did this with one person so far). But I would like to make this known to other people that I don't see.

How should I go about doing this? The only reason that I've even thought about this is because I do notice that some of the books I read are on the hold shelf for patrons at our library. I also notice that some books by an author that I love, and own all of her books, only one library owns some of her books and there always seems to be a long request list where I always feel like telling people who are on them (that are from my library) that I own them and could lend them to them but that's against the rules and I don't want to cross that line.

Does anybody have any suggestions or ideas of how I can share this info without stepping on anybodies toes?

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